About Consumer Home Value

Consumer Home Value was launched in 2018 to serve as an online resource to help people make sound decisions about their homes.

The goal is to help people save money in real estate. Whether you are renting, moving, buying, selling, remodeling, refinancing or investing, Consumer Home Value provides resources you can trust. We aim to give consumers the flexibility to conduct their own research to gain the power of being an informed consumer.

The community we’re building is strong. Our intent is to change the real estate marketplace from one that is filled with confusing propaganda that doesn’t serve people to one where confident consumer’s direct the market.

We publish content with the goal of constantly educating our readers with current, relevant information that is beneficial. We protect the people by having the nerve to expose the traps or misinformation being delivered by others who only seek to serve themselves.

Consumer protection is our primary focus. We look forward to serving you as you navigate the world of real estate.






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