Why Should I Hire A Realtor?

should i hire a realtor



When it comes time to buy or sell a home, the question might arise, “Why should I hire a Realtor?”  The answer from experts is pretty compelling.  Hiring a professional with experience and knowledge of your local market, the expertise to handle negotiations, legal documents and more — is invaluable.  Industry experts share their top reasons to hire a Realtor by telling how they can best serve your needs.



Olivea Kacy Nguyen, Realtor® at J. Lindsey Properties



why should i hire a realtor Working with a Realtor will not only help you navigate and streamline the transaction but should positively impact your investment in the future as well.



Expertise – The Good/Pretty VS The Bad/Ugly


An excellent Realtor’s expertise is not just about the current market, neighborhoods, school zone, and so forth, but they should also set expectations for resale. This is the biggest purchase most people make in their lifetime and should be considered a long term investment.


You want someone on your side in the long run. Let’s face it, you’ll find a home you love, but it won’t be PERFECT. Your Realtor should also share the negative features and let you know how that may affect you at resale. My clients genuinely value my second opinion and honesty.





Negotiation is an art of understanding. Emotions run high on both sides, and a valuable Realtor knows how to stay calm and collective even when the other agent doesn’t seem to be cooperating. He or she knows they are the liaison to the other party. Trying to be “right” to win can backfire. Being personal and able to speak a language of understanding will go a long, long way.


Your Realtor should share different outcomes of your offer or request. Knowing what to expect ahead of time will help you make the best decision without regrets. I always present the pros and cons and allow my clients to decide what’s best for them.



Andy Newberry, Realtor® at Newberry Real Estate 



why you should hire a real estate agentWhen buying “as is” 


We can still ask for repairs with an “as is” contract. Typically, we write a contract without asking for any repairs. However, an option period is also included in the contract. During the option period, which is usually 10 days, you can terminate the contract for any reason and still be refunded your earnest money.


During this time, we schedule a home and pest inspection to determine if there are additional repairs or allowances to be requested as part of the contract. If these repairs or allowances are not agreed to by the seller, we have the option of terminating the contract and looking for a different home.



The Realtor’s Time 


Don’t feel like you are wasting a real estate agent’s time. We hear all the time from buyers that they don’t want to go see a house out of fear they will not like the house and waste our time. Buying a home is a process. You will almost never buy the first house you see. It is invaluable for us to have a chance to walk through a home with you and listen to your concerns about a house. It helps us understand what you need in a house much better than any conversation we might have with you on the phone. When in doubt, go see the house!



John Jones, Realtor® at Bullard-Jones Group 



should you hire a real estate agentRealtors Know the Market 


We Know the Market – Markets are complicated, and subjective variables in the context of real esate valuation are the hardest ones to quantify.  AVMs (automated valuation models) like Zillow’s Zestimate are doing a better job of valuing objective variables (like square footage, room count, etc.) but fall short of properly valuing subjective ones (like floor plan functionality, lighting, proximity to landmarks that may raise or lower value, etc.), but a good Realtor can estimate these well.



Realtors Keep Emotions Out of the Transaction 


It’s human nature to react emotionally to certain situations.  And there are often situations that arise in the course of real estate negotiations that invoke emotional responses in the context of negotiations that lead to irrational responses. We serve as a layer of protection to keep both our clients from making mistakes based on emotion and negotiating in a manner that’s least likely to invoke an emotional (and often irrational) response from the other party.



Gynell Vestal, Realtor® at Leslie Lerner Properties



Gynell Vestal

There are plenty of reasons to hire an industry expert to handle your real estate transactions.  Here are a few more key points.



Your local expert


The importance of having an expert who is familiar with the landscape of your local market cannot be over-emphasized.   Buying:  A Realtor knows that a train runs within earshot of your proposed new home every morning at 3:00am.  Or that a new strip center will be built three miles away that will increase home values in the years to come.  Perhaps the home you like is in an area that flooded five years ago.  You might be looking to buy unbeknownst of to the possible flood dangers.  Selling: A local Realtor will be able to advise how and when to list your home for the best possible sales price.  How many days it should it be on the market and more.



Contracts, Disclosures and more, Oh My!


By contracting a Realtor, you are hiring a professional who will protect your interests.   Their training and expertise comes into play when you enter into a sales contract.  Your Realtor is familiar with all of the disclosures and other legal forms processed in the real estate transaction.  They will represent you and assure that all papers are completed in a timely manner without any hiccups.   Leave the stress of the paperwork to the professional.



A Realtor Will Save You Time and Money


As a buyer, you want to know the minute a house is listed – particularly in hot markets.  A Realtor has access to that information before you’ll ever see it online.  They already know your parameters and desires and will be on the lookout to alert you when the home of your dreams is offered before it is sold to someone else.  You don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet looking for your new potential house.


If you are selling a home, a Realtor can discuss which repairs will help resale value so you avoid spending money needlessly. They will advise which features to emphasize in the listing based on the nuances of the local market: your home will stand out and sell quickly. 


For buyers, they will sift and sort the homes on the market to narrow the choices to those that fit your desired criteria.  You will save time by not having to see every listing but only those that the Realtor has pre-screened.



Bottom Line – Why should you hire a Realtor?


The bottom line is that you hire an expert to assess/treat your medical situation (doctor), to paint your home (painter), to prepare legal documents (attorney), to do a plethora of other things in your life. No one is an expert in all things.  Therefore, leave the real estate matters to the real estate experts to make it the best possible transaction for you and your family.





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