Ten Best List for Father’s Day

Every man that’s lucky enough to be a dad has received the beautiful gift to be a leader, a friend, and a guide, through a child’s journey in life. I am lucky to have a dad who truly enjoys family and fatherhood and a husband who’s an absolute Rockstar in the dad department.

The men in my life, father, brother and hubby are just family guys. They love family and embrace fatherhood as their ultimate priority.  The role of a father isn’t easy, we know that. You must provide, protect and lead as well as love and comfort.  And you do more than that, your presence alone brings stability to the home and makes everyone feel secure.


For the Dads that do show up or in some cases keep on trying to show up for your kids we thank you for all you do. In today’s world families come in all shapes and sizes and the role of a father is often less than traditional. Whether you’re a stay at home dad, every other weekend dad, a stepdad or a single dad, your important to shaping your child’s life. Keep showing up.  This Father’s Day we celebrate you.

Here’s the ten best, endearing and funny blogs and videos, from across the internet to celebrate Fatherhood.


5 Things That Make A Great Father – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Bishop Jakes delivers a powerful and inspirational message for Father’s Day.


Bad Dad Jokes

Dads are often the ones keeping the family laughing and happy.  Here’s some bad jokes you can enjoy with your father or child.


Kids Perspective on Dads

Adorable and funny. Hear what kids really think about their dads.


All Pro Dad

4 Traits of A Trustworthy Leader

A little bit more on a serious note, this blog is for the Dad in need of a little inspiration to be the amazing leader your family needs and deserves.  Allprodad.com is a blogsite that provides great content for dads. Their help support and foster the spirit of fatherhood. Worth following.


Cute Babies Copy Dad

No description needed. Share and enjoy with Dad.


You Laugh You Lose – Will Ferrel vs Mark Wahlberg

How can you not help but laugh with these two?


Dad Motivates Daughter for School

One of my favorite daddy daughter moments. Way to go Dad!!!!


Life as Mama

A Letter to Dads this Father’s Day

Blogger, Amanda Faust shares a rather touching open letter to dads.


Man of Many

21 Best Dad Blogs

Here’s a list of all the best Fatherhood blogs out there. There’s plenty of advice and support to help unite and guide dads new and old.


Celebrating Father’s Day without my Dad – Mayim Bialik

Father’s Day can be bittersweet for some. A sweet, loving tribute to celebrate the memories of her Father.


And to wrap this up;

Q: What did the daddy spider say to the baby spider?

A: You spend too much time on the web.

Go on and make some memories with your loved ones.

Happy Father’s Day!!!


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