Meet Gynell

I am…

Wife, Mom, Blogger, Real Estate Appraiser

A long time coming….

I created this blog to share my findings as well as catalog my discoveries. I learn best through immersion or obsession. Once I start to study a specific product, whether it be an herb or super-food or lifestyle practice, I’m all in. It may take a month or four but typically I will discover everything worth knowing about it. And will happily share my findings on what works best to support a holistic lifestyle.

A little about me…

If I had to do life over, I would have found my way into Whole Foods at the very start of my career and worked my way up to their research department. Although I work in the financial sector most of my free time is spent immersed in learning about natural products that optimize wellness as well as natural cures for everyday illnesses. As moms the health and wellness of our family rests on our shoulders. By providing the best nutrition and lifestyle I can enjoy watching my loved ones thrive rather than survive.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates (400 BC) is credited for saying “Let food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”. This emphasizes the fine line between health and disease. So, it is with great care and awareness with which we should decide on our nutrition and medicine.

This site is a work in progress but stay tuned there’s lots to come. If you try any of our recommended products, remedies or suggestions please share your thoughts and insight by dropping a comment. I love hearing from you.