Growing Pains with a side of FOMO (fear or missing out)

My phone keeps buzzing from a group messaging thread and I promise myself I will not look at it again.  The lovely group of Rice coaches’ wives (I love being a part of) are in New York getting ready for our opening game at West Point. They’re sending quick notes about who’s heading down for breakfast, a quick shopping trip after, etc..  Yes, I coulda, shoulda been there right now.  Instead I’m here writing about my FOMO.

My first ever attack of FOMO hit me yesterday morning, as I packed up my hubby and we walked him to the door.  He travels a good bit for work so this one should’ve been no different than the rest. Yet this trip was special.  This was the annual wives trip.  It hit me that they were all getting ready, kissing their babies goodbye and packing all their cute outfits for a fun packed itinerary. Oh no!!!  I’m about to miss out on the fun conversations on the bus trips back and forth, the fabulous dinner reservations for girls night out (GNO), cheering together for our team and just being together with our coaching family.  So, then I tried to make it better all day.  Figured a massage and pedicure would help and it did for a little while. Till I hopped on social media.  Twitter and facebook were buzzing with all the Rice families traveling for the game, posting their airport pics and tours of west point.

So how am I the only wife that stayed behind. Well our little terrorist started school a week and a half ago. The plans for the wives trip began in the spring at which time Liam was screaming bloody murder about school.  He would tell anyone that asked (or not) that he was “NEVER EVER” going to school and he would stay at home with his mommy forever.  Thankfully that changed once we finally toured the school and he loved his classroom and teachers and bugged me all summer about when school would open, and he could attend.

Of course, I wasn’t sure how it would go once he actually did start school and it was a daily thing. Well, now I know. He’s had a wonderful almost two weeks and it looks promising. But what’s a mom to do? In the moment it seemed like the right decision. It was just another trip and there’s plenty more to come. But now I’m realizing its total nonsense that I let this little dictator sabotage my trip. Or did I do that?  He would’ve loved for my parents to have been staying here, driving him to school and picking him up.

Maybe I’ve learned something…

As a part SAHM (stay at home mom) and part WAHM (work at home mom) I don’t get much adult time or get away time. I am painfully aware that this is the root cause of this FOMO malady.  I love my life exactly as designed, I love being here for my son all the time, our conversations, adventures and routines. He really is a ton of fun and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Ok, maybe a quick trip to New York.  I also, passionately enjoy my work and am grateful that I get to do it from home. But a girl needs some adult time occasionally.

A quick recovery…

It’s a quick trip, they’ll be home tonight and I should be fully recovered soon enough. I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned from this. I’ll let you know once my brain clears up and some valuable wisdom unfolds. One thing I do know for sure now is that this thing called FOMO is real.


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