Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Luckily my husband and I are on the same page on exchanging gifts. We both prefer experiences in lieu of stuff. It doesn’t always happen that the trip or outing or event we plan can happen on the commercial holiday due to our busy schedules and that’s okay with us. This Mother’s Day will happen on a Tuesday and my gift is the new Pokémon movie at the iPic theater. So, dinner and a movie all rolled into one. It’s simple but we value the together time.

Truth is now that Liam, our four-year-old, is old enough to sit through a movie its our new family thing. My husband made a deal with him that he can only have candy at the movie theater. We talk excessively in our family about the ills of sugar, so he understands that candy is mostly off the table except at the movies. There we indulge him.

I may or may not receive flowers on Sunday since we’re travelling on Monday.  My hubby would also much rather bring me flowers every other day of the week (which he does) than subscribe to a commercialized holiday.

Here’s my list of favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas that bring the family together for shared experiences and makes mom feel special.

A love list or letter

Write mom a letter or a top ten list of reasons we love her.  This can be done individually by each member of the immediate family or collectively together.

I did something similar for my husband’s 40th birthday recently with “40 reasons I love you” and had it printed in a script font on beautiful textured paper framed between two pieces of glass.

You can incorporate your own style in how you want to do this. I’m sure how ever you present it, it will be a keepsake mom will cherish forever.

Prepare her favorite meal

No matter your culinary skills preparing a meal can make for a touching Mother’s Day gift. Whether you keep it simple or get elaborate don’t forget to set the table and the mood. Candles and flowers will enhance the ambiance. Make sure and let her know in advance that you intend to clean up afterwards so she can sit back and enjoy the day.

In case you’re like my hubby with severely limited kitchen skills, try baking cookies (you know the ready to bake kind).

A picture of love

Find a picture that you know will just make her smile and will always remind her of a joyful time. Maybe a favorite family outing, event or trip.

You can get elaborate and do a series of pictures. Online stores like Shutterfly make it easy to order gifts like picture books, collages or even a poster.

If you forgot to plan for this, it’s still doable. You can make a picture book or print and frame photos from your phone at any Walgreens.

Clean the house

The theme of taking chores of mom’s list is a way to show her some serious appreciation. Feel free to go all out, don that apron and deep clean the main living areas, reorganize the pantry and wash those windows.

Don’t feel too bad if you just can’t wrap your head around a major cleaning. There’s some of us that are domestically challenged. It’s true. A professional maid service is another answer.

Plan a vacation or trip

It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but a quick getaway will surely make moms day. Some simple fun ideas are a road trip, train ride, a cozy bed and breakfast, drive to the beach, mountains, hot springs or wine country depending where you’re at or maybe revisiting a memorable place together.

Plan an event

Dinner, movie night, picnic in the park, a spa day at home, all of these are wonderful ideas that create special moments for mom.

Here’s an easy recipe to create a spa day at home for mom. You should be able to purchase all these in one trip to any grocery store, Walmart, Target, Whole Foods etc.

What you’ll need:

-Massage oil (Jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed or coconut oil)

-Manicure kit, nail polish

Epsom salts

Baking soda

Strawberries, mint and a lemon

Lavender essential oil



Write out a card to let mom know she will be receiving a massage, mani and pedi and a relaxing bath for sore muscle relief.

Infused Water

In a pitcher, add the strawberries, mint, lemon slices and fill with filtered water. Hand her a glass and set the stage that it’s time to relax.

Massage Oil

Sweet almond oilgrapeseed oil and jojoba oil have a light consistency and absorb into the skin easily. Coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and rich in vitamins making it beneficial to the skin, although it does tend to feel greasier than the others. Which ever oil you choose, place it in a bowl and add three drops of the lavender oil.

If you don’t already know ask mom about her problem areas and focus on those. Make sure to hand her a glass of that infused water after her treatment.

Lavender Epsom Salt Bath

Combine two cups of the Epsom salts with four to six drops of the lavender essential oil. Add it to a warm bath, maybe light a candle and play some spa music.

Tell her to take her time and enjoy her bath and you’ll be ready for her mani-pedi when she’s done.


I’m not one for regular manicures although I’d happily accept a pedicure on a weekly basis. An hour is just too much time for anyone to hold my hands hostage.

So, here’s my quick and simple at-home version you can follow for hands and feet.

Clip nails

Massage with mom’s favorite moisturizer

Gently push cuticles back

File nails into shape

Apply your favorite polish

A scrapbook to treasure

This is a great project for dad and kids to work on together. It would take a little time and planning but if you can save movie tickets, receipts, hotel cards, pictures you took with your phone of her. Little things like that would make for a great scrapbook that would melt her heart and delight her to receive. You can start with a scrapbook and glue gun from Michaels

Keep in mind the goal is to build memories, get in some valuable family time and most importantly show mom she’s appreciated. Hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing and you shower mom with affection and love.

Please send me some feedback if you try and of these ideas. I’d love to hear your comments and insight.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful, selfless, hardworking mom’s out there.

Make it a Mothers Day to remember.


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